What Can You Expect In Adderall Detox?

What Can You Expect In Adderall Detox?

When you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you’ll need to undergo detox before getting the formal treatment. Detox is the process of removing all toxins inside your body due to substance abuse. But are you anxious about what happens during detox?

You’re in the right place to know what to expect during detox. We’re going to tackle those things and other relevant items that will prepare you for this life-changing event. We want you to have a safe and effective detox process. For your queries, feel free to reach out.

What to expect during a medically supervised detox program?

Adderall DetoxIf your Adderall addiction is intense, enrolling in an inpatient detox is your safest choice. For this procedure, your first step is to get evaluated by a doctor. They are going to look over your past medical records and do screenings to evaluate your addiction status and condition.

This is needed for them to properly lay out your detox program. This includes the following items:

  • The estimated duration for detox
  • Monitoring of withdrawal symptoms
  • Medications
  • Scheduled assessments
  • Counseling
  • Final evaluation

What usually happens during detox?

The process is the same for most instances, but there are slight differences depending on the rehab center you are in. Here are some of the common things happening during detoxification:

  • Initial examination is done by a doctor or addiction specialist
  • Layout the duration and targets for your detox and treatment plan
  • Assisting you on what to choose for your detox program – inpatient or outpatient detox
  • Constant monitoring and withdrawal symptom management

These are the vital components of a detox program. The variation in each step will depend on the result of your evaluation. For instance, if your Adderall addiction is high, then you’ll be advised to take an inpatient detox plan. This is for them to have close monitoring and to ensure you’re safe since withdrawal symptoms can be painful.

How long does detox usually last?

Adderall DetoxOn average, it takes around seven to ten days for a regular patient to finish his detox plan. But this will also depend on the severity of the patient’s addiction. If your Adderall addiction level is worse, then your doctor will advise a longer detox program since more toxins need to be removed.

Alongside this, here are factors that can prolong your detoxification process:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Taking other illicit substances along with Adderall
  • Co-occurring mental disorder
  • History of substance abuse or alcoholism

What are the classifications of detox programs?

There are three main types of detox, and the right one will be given to you based on your doctor’s evaluation.

Inpatient detox

This is where you get to stay inside a hospital or rehab center for like three to seven days during detoxification. There will be close monitoring and assessment of your condition to determine if you’re ready for the next step after cleansing.

Outpatient detox

You will have more freedom here since you can do your detox at home. But this is only applicable to less serious addiction or alcoholism. The main setbacks for this will be your exposure to triggers, and the absence of medical professionals to help you with painful withdrawal symptoms.

The duration of outpatient detox is variable and dependent on your doctor’s evaluation. If you have a less serious addiction problem, then it can last for one to two weeks.

Residential detox

This is an inpatient treatment program that lasts longer, approximately one to three months. You will be inside a rehab center with medical supervision to monitor your vital signs.

The cost for this is higher than outpatient but can guarantee you a higher chance of recovery. When you have a serious Adderall addiction problem, enrolling yourself in this program is the best choice. In terms of payment, you can always ask the rehab facility for their payment or financing options. They are flexible and understanding when it comes to this since they understand what you’re going through.

What food and drinks do you need to avoid during detox?

During detox, you are doing your best to remove all those toxins inside your body. This is necessary to help your body heal from addiction. Having said that, you need to abstain from consuming processed foods and drinks with high sugar or alcoholic contents.

Your best food options are fresh fruits and veggies. Fresh protein is also necessary for the rebuilding of your amino acids and muscles. You also need to keep your body hydrated as this helps remove those toxins through urination and sweating. When you take in more water, it also helps with bowel movements.

What happens to your brain and body during detox?

Adderall DetoxSubstance abuse harms your brain and body. The unbalanced chemical inside your system affects how you think, feel, and react to stimuli. This is evident when you’re addicted to Adderall or any other substances.

Addiction causes an abrupt change in your mind and body. It causes discomfort and cravings for the drug since your body is acquainted with it. When you undergo detox, you are putting yourself under stress. It means you will experience discomfort since you’ll be taking something that your body wants, and this disturbs the new balance in your system.

To help you seamlessly manage this discomfort associated with detox, medical supervision is needed. Therefore, an inpatient detox program is most suitable for you or any patient. You will have a nurse or a doctor to help you overcome this endeavor.

Start Your Adderall Detox Today

Deciding to undergo detox is challenging since you have those anxiety issues. That’s normal but to overcome that anxiety, you need to learn what to expect from this process, right? We hope to have helped you fill that gap then, and impart to you how important detoxification is for your sober life.

Inpatient is the go-to choice when you want a professional to assist you with your detox and in handling withdrawal symptoms. Still, you will need to be under evaluation before you’ll know which type is right for you.

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